Shipping Info

We do our best to make sure you get your coffee quickly, and as cheap as possible.

Since our launch, we've had a lot of support, which has caused us to be quite busy!  Due to this, we'll be making some changes to our local delivery methods.

Local and within Manitoba
If your order $30 or more, your order is delivered FREE!
If your order is less than $30, we charge a $3.90 delivery fee. This is to cover the costs of us being in our truck delivering to you, by hand (Yes, we are actually the ones delivering to your door).  We're currently organizing a few pickup locations around Winnipeg to offer as an option for our customers to avoid the delivery fee. Stay tuned!

We realize you're buying coffee on the internet, and you don't have to, so we're trying to make it as easy and user friendly as we can. Plus, the coffee's amazing.

Local Pickup Option
If you'd like to save a few bucks on the shipping charge, or simply want your order as fast as possible, we're introducing a few "PICKUP LOCATIONS" across Winnipeg.

Upon placing your order, chose you favourite method; Delivery, or pickup location, and your order will be Roasted on Monday, and ready for pickup/delivery Wednesday however you choose:

Here's our amazing pickup partners:
Sweet C's Bakery (Northeast)
1171 Kildare Ave E B
11am - 7pm

Strong Badger Coffee House (Central)
679 Sargent Ave
7:30 am - 6pm

Cranked Energy (West)
1853 Portage Ave
10am - 2pm

Across Canada
If you buy over $65, we'll ship to you free. Otherwise, you just pay the shipping, with is transparently posed on our site at the time of your check out.