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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this Roasted to Order thing work?
We don't really keep stock of our bagged coffee. We don't have bags with expiry dates a year from now. When you place an order, we roast it, and deliver it to your door. As fresh as possible.

Our order cutoff is Sunday nights. We roast mondays, and deliver between Tuesdays and Thursdays! This ensures you get the freshest  most flavourful coffee you've ever had         

Q: What if I'm from Winnipeg, Can I save on shipping?
A: Since launch, we've had an overwhelming amount of support, and have become crazy busy! Due to this, we can no longer offer truly "free" shipping locally. If you purchase over $30, shipping/delivery is on us locally!. If you're under $30, it's a small $3.90 fee. We've added this fee to offset the amount of time/cost we spend in the truck delivery by hand (yes, we're the ones delivering to you, by hand!) 

Q: Wait! How can I get free shipping too?
A: Well, we can hook you up there! Purchase over $65 and your shipping is on us! It will be automatically updated when you check out!

Q: What if something happens to my coffee during shipping?
A: Easy. We'll replace it. Just let us know. We guarantee your satisfaction when you buy our coffee!

Q: Which option is best, whole bean or ground?
A: Well, simply for freshness, we'd recommend ordering whole bean. Your flavour will stay way longer. However, we realize not everyone has a grinder at home. In that case, we offer 3 options. Fine, Medium, and Coarse. 

Fine: This is your espresso grind. If you plan on pulling an espresso shot or using an aeropress, use fine.
Medium: This is your standard drip coffee maker
Coarse: Use this grind if you have a Chemex or plan on brewing french press

Q: Why would I buy your coffee online, and not just from my grocery store?
A: Well, by all means, there are some decent coffees in grocery stores, sometimes. But simply put, freshness. The beans you get are never more than a week past roast date. This ensures you get the freshest, best tasting coffee we can provide. Plus, you're not only buying coffee, you're helping one bit at a time.

Q: I'd like to stock your coffee in my shop/serve it in my cafe or restaurant!
A: Amazing. We love working with local business! Just email us at info(AT) and we'll get back to you with wholesale information and pricing!