Pour Over

Brew Guide: Pour Over

Simple, elegant, minimalist. Manual drip gives you a precision brew that results in a complex and clean cup. 

1. Get your water boiling first as you set everything else up. 

2. Weigh out 28g of coffee. A level tablespoon of coffee is close to 6g, so if you aren’t using a scale use 4-5 level tablespoons. 

3. Place your filter in the brewing device and set the device on top of a mug or carafe. Rinse thoroughly, preferably with hot water, to pre-heat the vessel and wash out any paper taste. 

4. Discard the pre-heat rinse water. You don’t want that in your brew!

5. Grind your beans to a medium coarseness. The grounds should be close to the coarseness of sea salt. 

6. Place your brewing device on top of the scale and tare the scale’s weight so it reads “0”. Add your ground coffee to the filter to double check the weight. Tare the scale again. 

7. After the water boils let it sit for 1-2 minutes before pouring, this will bring the temp down to where we want it, 195°F-205°F for brewing. 

8. Start a timer. Pour about 60g of water slowly to wet all the grounds, don’t bypass the coffee by pouring down the sides of the filter. If your beans are fresh the coffee bed will expand, or “bloom”, this is the coffee de-gassing. Let this happen without pouring more water for 30-45 seconds, this gets the coffee ready to extract fully.

9. Continue pouring until you have poured 450g of water. Don’t pour too fast and don’t fill the cone up all the way. Your target brew time is 3 minutes.