Drip Coffee Maker


Brew Guide: Coffee Maker

Let's be honest, we're not coffee snobs either. We recognize that a large portion of people that drink our coffee just use a standard coffee maker at home. And we're good with that. We're not here to judge, as we probably do the same most mornings when you're on the go. Let's just make it the best tasting pot we can!

We also recognize most people don't have a scale...so here's sound rough measurements.

 Ratios can get tricky if you don’t have a scale and use a coffee scoop to measure, but here are some rough guidelines to go by. A coffee scoop isn’t standardized but generally a level scoop holds about 10 grams. Usually a “cup” on a coffeemaker is equal to 5 fl ounces. In order to hold true to the 1/16 ratio you will want to use a little less than 1 scoop for every “cup”.

4 cup / 3.5 scoops
6 cup / 5 .3 scoops
8 cup / 7 scoops
10 cup / 9 scoops
12 cup / 10.5 scoops