Social Aim

Craft Coffee with Purpose
We ensure the quality of our sourced green beans is as high as possible, and that the roasts are the perfect level for the bean. We do this to try and get the best cup of coffee you've ever had into your hands.
Our bags don't sit on shelves at your local supermarket. When you order, we roast and get it in your hands as quick as possible, ensuring the freshest, best tasting coffee possible. 

What, aside from our coffee makes us different?

We roast some amazing coffees. Our blends are smooth and easy drinking, and our single origins are unforgettable. We don't want coffee to be intimidating. We just want to provide you with he best coffee you've ever had.

With every purchase, Sheepdog Coffee donates a portion of the proceeds to organizations that assist families of fallen first responders. It's our social responsibility. 

Twice a year, we pick a new organization to direct our funds to. Currently, our charity of choice is the Police and Peace Officer's Memorial Ribbon Foundation. Directly from Memorial Ribbon:

"The Police & Peace Officers' Memorial Ribbon Society is dedicated to remembering all Police and Peace Officers in Canada who have died while serving their communities.

When an Officer dies "in the line of duty", protecting the peace and freedoms of this country, his or her death should be honoured nationally and not forgotten.

The Society's blue and black Memorial Ribbon has become recognized across Canada as the national symbol of mourning for Police and Peace Officers. The Society is working to establish the Ribbon as an international symbol of mourning for fallen heroes.

The purpose of the Society, through this website, is to raise funds through donations and the sale of related merchandise so that the Society can continue its mission of assisting grieving families, helping to establish memorials and monuments, and providing scholarships to the children of fallen Police and Peace Officers."

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