About Us

Think of us as a craft coffee supplier.
Just as craft beer brewers produce in small batches, ensuring their quality is as high as possible, we take the same time and care in coffee.

Our bags don't sit on shelves as the flavour deteriorates. When you order, we roast and get it in your hands as quick as possible, ensuring the freshest, best tasting product possible. We hardly ever keep stock on hand, ensuring our product is how we'd want it.

We've partnered with amazing people who know beans inside and out. Combining knowledge, we've assembled an amazing product, with an amazing vision. By trying Sheepdog Coffee, we're certain you'll enjoy one of the best coffees of your life, and can participate in the support of first responders across the Continent.

What, aside from our coffee makes us different?
A percentage of proceeds from each purchase of Sheepdog Coffee products goes towards organizations dedicated to assisting families of first responders who have given the ultimate sacrifice, and lost their lives in the line of duty. 

We're selling coffee. Really good, blended and single origin roasts that will keep you wanting more.  By purchasing Sheepdog, you're not only getting amazing coffee, but you're helping, one small step at a time. It's that simple.