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Blend and Single Origin Coffees Craft Roasted to Order.

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In season coffees


Tanzania Mt Kilimanjaro

Peaberry beans are small, round coffee beans; they have a richer flavor than their oval- shaped counterparts, often rendering a livelier cup with a full body.

$17.50/12oz bag

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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

A bright, medium-to-light-bodied coffee with winy mocha flavour, berry undertones, distinct floral tones in the aroma. An intense and complex flavor that is clean and flowery, and a vibrant citrus finish. 

$16.50/12oz bag

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El Salvador Honey Process

Honey Processed - an increasingly popular process in El Salvador a which results in some of the sticky, honey-like mucilage that surrounds the parchment of the seed remaining on the bean after the cherry peel is removed and the bean is dried. 

$20.00/12oz bag

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What People are saying

"We really appreciate the quick service and great tasting coffee at Sheepdog, you guys are consistantly amazing."

Katrina Dupuis // Bouchée Boucher

"As a Holistic Nutritionist, choosing an organic coffee variety is very important to me as most conventional coffee is heavily sprayed with chemical fertilizers. I love that Sheepdog Coffee is local, organic, and every batch is roasted to order! It really makes all the difference in flavour and freshness."

Kirsten Buck // Buck Naked Paleo

"Given that Sheepdog Coffee is roasted locally and supports a great cause, we'd probably drink it anyways. Its deliciousness is just a bonus!"

Jessica +Ryan Bowman // We Heart Winnipeg


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